Sparking cultural innovation to the world of fashion. That’s Ché By Ché. Our mission: “Forward Moving”. Born with the value of change on mind and the visionaries of our time, our vision is to design through cultural experiences, inspire unique designs and create quality products; which invite people to take part in the creating of the next generation. Ché, By Ché signifies the bold power of individuality--enabling YOU to stand out from the crowd.



The Promo Logo was introduced through incorporating 王 (wáng) and the brand name to replace the E to represent uniqueness and simplicity. The logo innovates our vision to promote boldness and we are all made to be kings and queens.



The Chinese Character Logo 王 ( wáng ) known as king, was the first logo introduced which was a representation of power, strength, and courage. The three horizontal strokes represent the Heaven, Man, and Earth. The vertical stroke (丨) is the king, the one who connects them together.